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    Foundry industry in the face of adversity should raise the level of management
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    "International financial turmoil is likely to persist longer period of time, the world economy may experience a longer period and the low speed adjustment. We should fully understand the seriousness of the situation, strengthen their confidence during difficult times, in the challenges and grasp the opportunity to search for in the face of adversity development. "This is the China Foundry Association, Bing Jia, chairman of the" international financial crisis and China's foundry industry, "the opening high-level seminar.

             According to earlier Chinese Foundry Association of Henan, Chongqing and other regions of the 60 casting enterprises in the initial investigation showed that the impact of the financial crisis, most companies are casting production in varying degrees, many businesses profit or loss at the edge, which to the production of automotive castings businesses affected the most obvious. Sharp drop in foreign orders, back to poor section, many companies had financial difficulties.

    Grasp the opportunity to sail against the current

             Bing Jia pointed out that although the current difficult situation the industry, but also contains opportunities.

             First, the promotion of industrial restructuring. Our country is a veritable cast a big country casting production since 2000 has been top in the world. Casting our existing businesses about 30,000, more than 1.5 million the number of practitioners, but in China the average of the casting production companies are far below the world average. Many small scale, backward technology and equipment level of the enterprise to produce a large number of castings of low-end products, not only wasting a lot of energy and resources, but also disrupted the market order, the condition of China's foundry industry, but not strong, and has to be time for a change. In a sense, the financial crisis, China's foundry industry to readjust the industrial structure of a good opportunity to rule on the economy in order to speed up the elimination of the market behind the traditional time of the restructuring of industries. Big Wave after the elite will be left behind, will bring greater and more regulated market and a better environment for development.

             Second, it helps to take the international transfer of the equipment manufacturing industry to China to promote the upgrading of casting products. Financial crisis led to a number of industrialized countries, operating difficulties, and even the brink of bankruptcy, which virtually gives Chinese companies a cheaper price or acquisition of shares with the core technology and advanced technology of the company's opportunities. Our country is in the middle stage of industrialization, to take a new road to industrialization and regional imbalances in economic development, making our country's industrialization process is relatively long, relatively broad space for development is not only conducive to the transfer of international industries, but also conducive to the domestic inter-regional transfer of industry , qualified enterprises can take full advantage of the international industrial structure adjustment and transfer opportunities, and actively introduce advanced technology and the introduction of technology as a starting point for technical innovation, product upgrades, to create their own intellectual property rights of international brands, to enhance high-end product manufacturing the ability to enhance product quality and service quality, and strong foundry industry.

             Thirdly, it is conducive to technological innovation, promote the work of energy-saving emission reduction. Introduction of the State Council to cope with the international financial crisis and explicitly put forward 10 measures of "strengthening the ecological environment," "support the focus on energy-saving emission reduction projects." Foundry industry is the major energy consumption and pollution, the need to increase the technical strength and eliminate backward production capacity. At the same time, the production-based value-added tax to consumption-based, but also to the technological upgrading of enterprises, the acquisition of new equipment to expand the investment to provide good conditions, the backbone of enterprise and small and medium enterprises have an advantage to take the lead in emission reduction for energy-saving technological transformation, in order to create change in development conditions.

             Fourth, in favor of the introduction of high-quality personnel. Casting is a difficult working conditions, wages, labor-intensive industries is not high, it is difficult to train, attract and retain qualified personnel. Lack of personnel, especially the lack of engineering and technical personnel, management personnel and senior skilled personnel, for a long time as a constraint to improve the bottleneck of the development of the industry. After the outbreak of financial crisis, the developed countries brought about casting enterprises to lay off the flow of high-level career opportunities for talented people, the domestic employment situation is grim, which are specialized foundry industry to attract talent to create a good opportunity.

             In addition, the national implementation of the policy of stimulating domestic demand, the implementation of a large number of construction projects, but also to the foundry industry with a new room for growth.

             Bing Jia stressed that the current situation of the foundry industry, the danger of the whole, it is organic, the opportunities outweigh the challenges. The key is a fleeting opportunity, the opportunity to patronize only those who are prepared, and only strengthen our confidence, pay close attention to the economic development trend and related government policies, to take the initiative in order to grasp the opportunity to sail against the current, changing win.

    Hard skills and physical health

             Jia Bing believes that the current does not support a number of enterprises, have not this bridge, this is a normal phenomenon. At the same time, a new round of reorganization, merger integration will be unveiled. These industries is also a "bubble squeeze" process. Those with a speculative purpose, low, small, weak, poor, scattered and the closure of enterprises, means that the new industry. Only concentrate on the development of the main industry, is committed to innovation and continuously push forward the industrial upgrading of enterprises in order to survive the development process of the survival of the fittest, will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the industry. He expressed the hope that enterprises should be the face of crisis:

    --- The production of diversified products, to develop a diversified market.

             At present, export-oriented enterprises have been more direct impact, these enterprises should strive to open up the domestic market to both domestic and international markets to support the diversification of product market diversification drive. Market research companies to be good at, and be good at opening up markets, it is necessary to conscientiously study the state to encourage investment in the direction of efforts to achieve a diversified product mix, so that "the West does not shine,|." In addition, in the market to achieve the diversification of the region. China is already the world's manufacturing base, the status of a number of years in the future there will not be any big change, but if we simply positioning the market to some Western developed countries, only the production of a single product, our ability to resist risks will be very fragile. May wish to shift the focus of their work to actively explore the domestic market, actively explore transferred to South America, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, ASEAN and other countries and regions of the market, these countries and regions, casting and casting material for products such as the potential demand for more.

    --- Speed up the industrial structure, to the direction of the development of industrial clusters.

             Can be predicted that the international financial crisis will accelerate the foundry industry to readjust the industrial structure, casting industry will experience an unprecedented comprehensive reshuffle. Optimize the industrial structure of the main direction will be:. Foundry industry to implement access system, speed up the elimination of backward production capacity; follow the path of industrial clusters, to achieve large-scale production; and advantages of the backbone enterprises to upstream and downstream industry chain extension of the formation of industry groups, have the ability to encourage the promotion, qualified enterprises to go abroad.

             Expected by 2020, China's foundry business from the current reduction of more than 30,000 of the 10,000 or even less, and the overall strength of enterprises will be improved significantly.

    --- Strengthening the technical transformation, and actively promote energy-saving emission reduction, promote the foundry industry to achieve sustainable development.

             The current slowdown in economic growth, in terms of the foundry industry is a rare period of rest debugging, it is necessary to make good use of this time to actively promote technological innovation, strengthening the foundation. At the same time, development must have a thorough understanding of scientific, sustainable development, must take full account of the resources and capacity of the environment, both indicators of great importance to economic growth, but also to indicators of environmental resources. To use fully the state of relevant policies, and actively carry out technological transformation of energy-saving emission reduction, and strengthen the work of energy-saving emission reduction, as a "winter" after the rapid development of the power savings abundant.

    --- To improve the management level, hard skills, and enhance ability to resist risks.

             When the external environment, severe difficulties, it is hard business skillsa good time. First, to establish mechanisms for risk prevention system, pay great attention to capital returns, to avoid risky investment, to ensure that funds are constantly chain. Second is to improve the production and management system for enterprises, including business model, management approach, organizational patterns and to update such views. Science to make them more reasonable, more concise and effective. Technological changes such as slower casting industry, organizational and institutional innovation is more important, is an important aspect of hard skills. Third, technical training, technical training, training an outstanding team of professionals.

             Jia-bing said that only in the continuing plight of the continuous improvement of skills, innovative management, the productivity of the "software" of escalating the competitiveness of enterprises will continue to strengthen, but also to break through the international financial crisis caused by difficulties in the face of fierce market competitionRΣ, invincible.
    Information Source: Network Published by: China Mold Supply Network
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